Rufus & Coco Eco Bamboo Cat Litter 9KG

Rufus & Coco Eco Bamboo Cat Litter 9KG

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Rufus & Coco Eco Bamboo Cat Litter

Wee Kitty® Bamboo Odor Control Litter is tough on odor, kind to the earth!  

  • Fast Clumping - Forms scoopable clumps. Simple & mess free 
  • Bamboo & Charcoal Pellets - Made with sustainable bamboo fibers. Compostable and suitable for surface mulch
  • Flushable & Septic Safe* - Disintegrates in water so it's safe to flush in small quantities 
  • Single & Multi-Cat Use - Suitable for single and multi-cat homes 
  • Superior Odor Control - Traps ammonia odor within 5 minutes
  • Extra Absorbent** - Proven to absorb 4 times its weight in liquid 
  • Lightweight & Easy to Use - Paw friendly pellets are low tracking and low dusting 
  • Earth Friendly - A better choice than crystal or clay litters which are mined from the earth

Did You Know: A single cat can contribute over 400 pounds or 200kg of litter to landfill each year! At Rufus & Coco, we dream of a world where we don’t have to destroy the earth and natural habitats for the sake of a cat’s toilet. We’re thrilled to introduce Wee Kitty® Bamboo Odor Control Litter - made with sustainable and naturally absorbent bamboo fibres that offer less smell, less wastage and less effort – without harming the earth! 

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