Red Barn Chew-A-Bulls Horned Toad L

Red Barn Chew-A-Bulls Horned Toad L

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Red Barn Chew-A-Bulls Horned Toad is an all-natural dental chew that is an excellent alternative to other dental chews. This chew uses potato flour, miscanthus greens, parsley and brown rice flour, and is shaped into a unique shape.

It is great for mentally stimulating your dog's need to chew while helping brush plaque off your dog's teeth, massaging the gums and freshening their breath with each bump, groove and ridge along the chew. Each chew is also rich in parsley and cumin, full of antioxidants to support healthy digestion.

Grain-free, natural and uses zero rawhide with no artificial colours, flavours, gluten and additives. 

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