Pets Agree Biscuits - Liv'a Happy Life 2lb box

Pets Agree Biscuits - Liv'a Happy Life 2lb box

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Liv'a Happy Life

These Canadian, hand made dog biscuits will have your dog doing flips to gets its paws on them. Liv’a Happy Life Biscuits contain antibiotic and hormone free Canadian reared pork liver. These treats are harder and have a decent crunch to them, are low in fat, and make a delightful treat for training.

Coarse all natural whole wheat flour, quick rolled oats, pork liver, cane molasses, wheat germ, and natural preservative (citric acid)

Calories per small treat: 48


The Pets Agree Doggyfesto

Pets Agree is an off-leash company whose mission is to spread joy and happiness, and the world’s best tasting treats. To all the dogs of the planet.

Even though we are true dog loves, we are not creatures of conformity. Our approach is on-going and uncompromising: integrate a harmonious balance of farm-grown ingredients with irresistible taste.  A healthy, happy dog. A content, relaxed dog parent. Win-win!

We never settle for second best, neither should you.  Especially when it comes to your trusting pet. This is not nearly our responsibility. It is our daily obligation.

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