Petkind Green Tripe and Read Meat

Petkind Green Tripe and Read Meat

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Green Tripe First

We believe in the incredible benefits of green tripe, which is why we make it the first ingredient in every Tripe Dry formula. Learn more about what green tripe is and why it’s amazing.

Fresh quality ingredients

We’re committed to only using the best possible ingredients, from sources you can trust. All of our ingredients are sourced from Canada, the USA, and New Zealand, only. No exceptions.

Complete & Balanced

No supplements or additions needed. Every formula is a full and completely nutritious meal.

Made in Canada

We’re proudly Canadian, and we produce every bag of Tripe Dry here. Because it’s Canadian, you can trust that our food meets the highest standards of quality.

NO Artificial Preservatives or Byproducts

Natural is best, which is why we don’t use artificial preservatives in our food. And because we care about the quality of our ingredients, we never include byproducts.

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