Neve's Snuffles Mat

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Neve's Snuffles Mat

**these mats are made in a variety of colors! if you are looking for a specific one, please contact the store directly for color options**

Got a bored pet?  Have a picky eater?  Well, we have your solution! Turn meal/ treat time into a game! 

These snuffle mats are made with love by a local young enrapture

Key benefits:

  • by hiding food or high value treats your are helping your pet use his senses to receive his reward! 
  • Up the anti by hiding the snuffle mat in your house for your pet to find! 
  • Only use while supervising you pet. 
  • Machine washable in a front-loading washing machine on cold with unscented laundry soap
  • Machine dry on low heat with your pets’ towels and blankets.

Large: 12" x 12"

Small: 6" x 6"

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