For many pet owners, sleeping with their pets is an everyday occurrence. They like to offer their pets a warm bed at night and enjoy snuggling with their pets. However, many pet owners do not realize that pet beds are a far safer option for pets and family members alike. Here are a few reasons why you should not sleep with your pet:


Sleep Disruptions

Many pets spend their entire day sleeping. Come nightfall, they will tend to become restless. That means that when you opt to let your pet sleep with you instead of in their own pet beds, you are raising the odds of you experiencing many disruptions throughout the night. Pets tend to move around a lot during the night and take up a lot of space in the bed. As a result, you’re left trying to “sleep around” them. This is not only uncomfortable, but can also greatly interrupt your sleeping patterns. It should come as no surprise that waking up sore and tired is very bad for your health. Did you know many pets actually snore? This can also cause disruption and constant waking during the night. It is best you provide pet beds for your pets so they can have their own space and you can get a good night’s sleep.

Dander and Fur

Dogs and cats shed constantly. If you or family members suffer from allergies, having your pet in bed with you can seriously aggravate your allergies and cause you misery, even if you love your pet. By providing pet beds to keep your pets away at night, you can give your allergies a much needed break from the discomfort of watery eyes and congestion.


Many couples will feel awkward being intimate with a pet in the room. This can lead to difficulty in this important area of your relationship. Although intimacy in the presence of a pet will not have any effect on them one way or another, the feeling of discomfort between you and your partner can lead to rifts. Having a “no pets allowed” rule for the bedroom is the best option. With a comfy pet bed, your dog or cat can happily sleep the night away on their own.

Pet Safety

Sleeping with small pets can end in tragedy. With small pets such as kittens, it is very easy to roll over them, cover them with pillows or heavy duvets and smother them. It is very important to set a good and safe precedent and keep pets out of the bedroom from day one. This will train your pets to sleep in their own beds and keep them safe from harm. Pet beds are specifically designed to suit animals and will protect them from the safety risk associated with beds made for humans. We all love our pets, and want to spend as much time with them as possible. At night time, however, having a separate pet bed is the best option for pet and pet owner alike.
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