Housebreaking puppyHousebreaking your puppy can prove to be one of the most frustrating experiences of your life. However, it doesn’t have to be. Love for that little face will help you get through it with these helpful housebreaking tips:


Nature provides the natural instinct puppies need to understand they should not be living in an area with feces and urine. When first born, they eat and use the bathroom in the same area, but their mothers will attend to the messes to keep their home sanitary. This is the same idea for conditioning your puppy who from two to four months will realize that it is not desirable to have a mess in their home. They will want to use the bathroom outside of their crate as nature is telling them this is what is right. You can keep your home sanitary with pet cleaning products.


The good thing about puppies is that they usually have to use the bathroom about five to 30 minutes from the time they eat. You will start to learn about their inner clock. Also by providing them with an eating schedule that is consistent, you can know when they are ready for a walk or to be let outside based on their own internal schedule. Part of this training and housebreaking will require a familiar place where your puppy will feel safe to go to the bathroom. The scent of past urine and feces will be comforting during the housebreaking process.


Remain calm and use patience during the housebreaking process. Don’t try to rush them or get angry when they can’t relieve themselves when you want them to. Avoid speaking to them and instead let them go about their business without the need for encouragement. Save the praise for once the job is done. If your puppy does make a mess inside, we have many high-quality pet cleaning products to make the spot look brand new.

Stick to a Routine

Get your puppy into a routine. Let them out at the same time of the morning and allow them to use the same spot to relieve themselves so that it becomes expected and habit forming. Give them a treat or lots of love when they have waited for you instead of having an accident. Never punish them for accidents as this can lead to issues going to the bathroom. If accidents do occur take the puppy to the place where they should be using the bathroom.


These tips will make it easier for you to have a successful housebreaking experience so you can focus on welcoming your puppy into the family.



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