Summer Body for People & Pups

Spring is here and that means that summer is just around the corner and time to think of getting into your summer bod. Masters’n Dogs have everything you need to get fit with your dog. One of the most important things about warmer weather and working out is to stay hydrated and pay attention to your dog’s body language. Always carry a collapsible water bowl or water bottle for you and your pet. For most activities you will need a good leash or harness, poop bags, and treats. For other activities floating toys, life vests or reflective wear are necessary doggie items.

Dogs love to be with their people so getting fit is not hard if you find an activity you both enjoy. Ottawa is known for all the trails and greenspace, so many people choose jogging with their dogs. Jogging is great if you start off with a walk so your dog can sniff, do its business and have a minute to socialize then work up to the jog which is great for their cardiovascular.

How about hiking? Dogs love to get out and explore, sniff, jump on fallen logs, splash through streams. Hiking is a great way to entertain, exercise and stimulate your dog. There are many trails in the area for all fitness levels. Dogs love to explore but then they also love to take a break with their human and just sit and enjoy the together time.

Ottawa is surrounded by water so swimming would also be a great choice as it is an excellent activity for overall fitness. Many floating toys can be purchased for your dog to fetch. Paddle boarding with your dog is also a fun watersport and gaining in popularity.

Masters & Dogs also carry Smoochy Poochy collars for the active dog that loves water. Made of Polyvinyl, these collars are water proof, easy to clean with no scent, and comes in all sizes and colors so they are fashionable as well.

The key to you and your dog’s success will be picking an activity you both enjoy. Get creative, try yoga, agility, fly ball, Frisbee, there are so many options depending on your dog’s interests and abilities. So, grab that water bottle, leash and bags and get moving! Remember to make your outings fun!

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