Jordi Cumber’s dog Moss, alerted tenants of a fire in Hintonburg at the end of April 2016 and came to our store this week of May 2nd informing us of her story which had left her homeless and setting her back financially but very grateful of her dog Moss that saved her life.

Today we asked for Jordi to come to the store, with her “angel” Moss to pick up a donation of goods and supplies for her canine hero and help this young lady and her partner and her best friend Moss.

Masters n’ Dogs will also support other tenants whom suffered from this fire tragedy as best we can and help them replenish needs for their pets. Moss went home with a brand new bed, food, treats, new collar and so much more.

Masters n’ Dogs is proud to pay it forward and the look on their face makes it all worthwhile.

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