Dog grooming tipsDog grooming plays an important role in your pet’s well being. Many pet owners do not realize that dog grooming offers better hygiene and also helps prevent issues with their dog’s paws, feet and ears. If you would like to pamper your pup, here are some grooming tips to make them feel loved.

Regular Brushing

Regular brushing keeps your dog comfortable and is perfect for looking for dark specks that could be fleas or ticks. The way you brush and how often you brush is dependent on your dog’s coat. For smooth and short coats, you will need to use a rubber brush first. Finish using a bristle brush. You can then use a chamois cloth to polish their coat.

If your dog has a dense and short coat, a slicker brush is best to remove tangles. The bristle brush will be perfect to finish. Long coats need a slicker brush again to get at those tangles. Of course longer coats are more prone to matting, so be very careful when brushing so you do not tug unexpectedly. You can then finish off with a bristle brush. Always be certain you brush out their tail and feet.


Dogs should be washed from once a week to every two or three weeks depending on their level of activity. Ask your Ottawa pet store which shampoo is best suited to your dog’s coat. Brush your pet before bathing to make it easier to brush out after the bath. You will need a tub with a slip-proof bath mat for safety and about three or four inches of lukewarm water. To avoid spraying your dog in the eyes, ears, and nose, use a cup or a spray hose to better control the water. It is very important to rinse well as the shampoo can irritate your dog’s skin. If you notice any unpleasant smells from their ears or anything that seems to be lodged in the ears such as debris, you will need to speak to your vet.

Blow Drying

You can use your hair dryer on low to get most of the water out of your dog’s coat. Do not point it directly onto their bodies as this can burn them. Instead angle the air away from them so you are just getting the fur.

It is a good idea to use a professional dog groomer to assist in keeping your dog well groomed and well cared for. The dog groomer at our Ottawa pet store will be sure to pamper your pup just right.

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