Dog walkingDaily walks are a great opportunity for your dog to let some energy loose! It can also be the perfect time for you and your family to get some fresh air and get moving instead of getting stuck in front of the TV for the remainder of the evening.

Apart from physical activity, remember that your daily walk is also an ideal time to teach your dog some basic commands and to socialize them with other dogs in the neighbourhood.  Here are some great tips for learning to enjoy your daily dog walks:


Walk this Way

Enjoying the walk itself is an important part of making sure that it occurs regularly. Choose surroundings that motivate both you and your dog. Going around the block might be convenient, but it can get boring pretty quickly. Try visiting different parks and paths to keep you and your dog interested. Bring along some music or listen to an audio book while you walk. These simple things can help make the walk more exciting. You can also get your dog excited about the walk with new toys and leashes from your local Ottawa pet store.

Schedule It In

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you of the walk, or make a to-do list that requires you to check it off once it’s done. Scheduling a time block for a walk will make you feel more accountable to your dog walking duties. Creating a schedule is also good for your dog, as building a routine can help your dog become more at ease.

Include Your Dog in Your Routine Activities

We all have some busy days during the week where it seems that we barely even have time for ourselves. On days where your schedule is jam-packed, here are some tips for incorporating your dog walk into your other activities:

  • If you have to bring your kids to soccer practice, bring your dog with you and walk around the park while you wait for practice to be over.
  • Making an evening trip to your local Ottawa pet store or going out for ice cream? Ditch the car and opt for an evening dog stroll instead.
  • Wake up earlier for a walk to the coffee shop to get your morning coffee and bring your dog with you.

Including your dog in your regular routine will make your daily walks more enjoyable!

Involve the Whole Family

Take walks as a family before or after dinner, or go to the park and play catch. Make a game out of it, and add stickers to the calendar when anyone completes the daily walk.

There is no need for your daily walk to feel like a chore! Enjoy the fresh air and great company!

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