Daycare & Spaw, Good for People & Pooches!

Over the past few years doggie daycare has become very popular and Masters n’ Dogs Daycare & Spaw is a trusted location where you can leave your beloved pet while you need to be away from home.
Socialization is the top reason dog owners look for daycare as this environment gives your dog a safe place to learn doggie etiquette and a chance to play in a pack. With proper socialization, your dog will be happier and easier to handle in social situations.

Daycare is a great way for dogs to stay healthy as they are active throughout the day which helps with their cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and controls their weight. You will have peace of mind knowing that they are supervised in a stimulating environment, safe, exercising and playing. With all this activity you know that their physical needs are being met and you can relax with your dog when you get home.

Michele Witteveen, Manager of Masters n’ Dogs Daycare & Spaw says, “We have had great responses so far (from clients). A lot of happy customers going home with their pups. Most people come two to three times a week and that is enough to get that energy out.”

Dogs in daycare gives the owner options so they can get work done at home, such as renovations, and not worry about their pet getting out. Doggie owners also do not have to worry what their pets are doing alone at home all day which can cause boredom, stress and anxiety. A pet owner will not have to worry about excessive barking, or a bored dog who decided to raid the trash, or find something else to entertain themselves with or get into trouble.

The top 10 reasons to bring your dog to Masters n’ Dogs Daycare & Spaw are:
1. Socialization
2. Great for high energy dogs.
3. While you work, they play all day.
4. Helps build confidence for dogs with separation anxiety.
5. Bored dogs can get into mischief at home.
6. Daycare is great when you need a dog-free home for the day.
7. Active play sessions and daily walks at daycare can help your dog lose weight.
8. If your neighbours are complaining about your dog’s barking, daycare can be a great solution for your and for them. After daycare he or she will be too tired to bark.
9. We provide Bath & Tidy services so you can take home a clean and tired pup.
10. Our amazing staff members love dogs, and they will love your dog ALMOST as much as you do.

Ms. Witteveen, Manager of Masters n’ Dogs Daycare & Spaw says, “Daycare is great for getting out any pent-up energy your dog may have. It’s great to socialize them and they are extremely tired when they come home.”

The Daycare & Spaw is Now Open and located in the heart of Westboro, and located at 376 Madison Avenue. Call us at: 613-759-iDog (4364) to speak to our knowledge staff about the benefits of daycare for your pup, or visit us at:

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We love your pet ALMOST as much as you do!