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In the heart of Westboro Village

At Masters n’ Dogs Daycare & Spaw, your dog will get plenty of playtime and walks on paths in and around Westboro Village. Our 1500 sq.ft daycare has everything your dog will need for a full or half day of fun and socializing.

Are you a dirty dog? No problem we offer bath & tidy grooming services so your dog goes home shiny, clean and pooped out!

Our daycare is open Monday to Friday from 7am till 6pm.

Our mission

At Masters n’ Dogs Daycare & Spaw, our mission is to provide your pet a safe and fun environment so you have piece of mind. We take care of your dog like they are our own… We love your pet ALMOST as much as you do.

Masters n’ Dogs Daycare n’ sPAW provides:

  • A safe environment supervised by our professionally trained staff
  • Surveillance cameras/video system in place
  • Separate play areas for big and small dogs
  • Plenty of fun and safe toys
  • Comfy beds for nap time
  • PAWdicure & Nail trim services
  • Indoor Oops corner
  • Puppy potty training
  • FREE training consultation by dog handlers
    • Bath & Tidy grooming services (coming soon)
  • Lots of love, cuddles and belly rubs!
Need more reasons to bring your doggie to daycare?
  1. Socialization.
  2. Great for high energy dogs.
  3. While you work, they play all day.
  4. Helps build confidence for dogs with separation anxiety.
  5. Bored dogs can get into mischief at home.
  6. Daycare is great when you need a dog-free home for the day.
  7. Active play sessions and daily walks at daycare can help your dog lose weight… love handles welcomed!
  8. If your neighbours are complaining about your dog’s barking, daycare can be a great solution for you and for them… after daycare he/she will be too tired to bark!
  9. We provide Bath & Tidy services so you can take home a clean and tired pup.
  10. Our amazing staff members love dogs, and they will love your dog ALMOST as much as you do.

Safety First

Our indoor facility has separate play areas for a total of 1500 sq.ft with anti-slip floors to protect your pups pads and prevent slipping. We have a double door system and gates between the main entrance and play area to keep your dog safe.

All dogs will be offered a FREE assessment prior to joining the daycare.
Download the Assessment Form here.

Health & Wellness

  • We use only natural Earth Rated products to clean our facility
  • All our toys are durable, fun, safe and sanitized daily
  • Healthy and natural treats available (optional depending on dietary needs and restrictions)
  • Our retail store, Masters n’ Dogs, offers quality foods, treats, accessories and toys

Howling Good Time

Our top priority is for your pup to have plenty of exercise and FUN! We continuously invest in ways to stimulate your dog’s curiosity with toys, games, and tunnels, as well as daily outside walks in Westboro’s nature paths.

Our well-organized day consists of lots of playtime, light lunch and rest time. We may even teach them some new tricks!

Half Day
Need a break?


Up to 5 hours of energy
burning playtime.

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Full Day
You work… They play!


Up to 10 hours of playtime,
rest, walks, nail trim and
a pooped out pup.

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Frequent Player

Spend a little, play a lot!

Buy 5 full or half days
Get 5 hours free!

Buy 10 full or half days
Get 1 full day free!

Buy 20 full or half days
Get 2 full days free!

BFF Play Day
Bring 1 of your pup’s BFF
Get $5 OFF each pup!

Spaw Services… Are you a dirty dog?

We offer full bath, tidy and brush-out services (nail trim and ear cleaning included). Go home with a shiny and clean pup!

$35 for Small dogs
$55 for Medium dogs
$70 for Large dogs
$75 for Extra-large dogs

Additional charges may apply for:

  • Double coated or badly matted dogs
  • Pawdicure

All additional charges will be discussed with owners prior to grooming.

Yorkshire taking a bubble bath

Call or Email Us!

If you are looking for more information on our Daycare & Spaw services, please call us at 613.759.IDOG(4364) or e-mail us at muttsnpups376@gmail.com

Daycare N' sPaw Location

Master n' Dogs Daycare N' sPAW

Phone:613-759-idog(4364) Address:376 Madison Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 0B7

Retail Location

Master n' Dogs Retail Store

Phone: 613-792-3711 Address: 354 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K2A 0E1

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Family Owned and Operated Since 2005
We love your pet ALMOST as much as you do!