Senior Dog CareWhether you have opened your heart and home to a senior dog from a rescue shelter or have a beloved pet that has been with the family for years, senior dogs need special care to keep them happy. Here is a guide to caring for your senior dog from your local Ottawa pet store.

Watch for Behavioural Problems

When it comes to senior dogs, behaviour change is often the sign of an onset of illness or health changes. At the first sign of behaviour changes it is best to seek medical advice to rule out any underlying medical issues.


Visit the Vet Twice a Year

To make sure your senior pet is staying in tip top shape, it is best to see your vet twice a year. It is important to take a more proactive approach to their health and care.



Aging dogs are at risk of parasites due to their weakening immune systems. It is very important to stay on top of your vaccines and other treatments that will help avoid the risks posed by parasites such as ticks, fleas, and worms.


Dental Care

Pay attention to how your pet is eating. It is possible for them to have dental issues in their older age which can make it difficult for them to chew dry foods. Regular dental care is also very important for senior dogs.



Poor digestion is another problem common to aging canines. If they seem disinterested in food speak to your vet about the proper foods for seniors. Your Ottawa pet shop can also show you some new products ideal for senior diets.


Regular Exercise

Exercise is always good for your pet, but it is important that you are not expecting them to do too much. You might still be up to that hour long walk, but it may become too much for them. Pay attention to how they are walking and if they seem to be struggling then you should shorten their walks.

Senior-proof your home

Senior dogs can have issues climbing stairs or even hopping up on the sofa or your bed. Make sure you keep water and food on the main floor as well as a cozy place for them to sleep so they don’t have to worry about stairs. A good bed is also important as senior dogs tend to have weaker hips and joints. They should be lying on a good dog bed, not on the floor.

Your local Ottawa pet store can offer advice on the right products to keep your senior pet happy and comfortable.


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