Dog adoptionThere are many important things to consider before adopting a dog. Let’s paws for a minute and consider a few things that can help you in making your final decision…

First things first: find out if you’re a PAWsome match!

Though adopting a dog may not SEEM similar to buying a car, both situations do benefit from a “test drive” of sorts. The most responsible way to find out if you’re ready to adopt is to do a test run by fostering a dog. This is the best way to find out if you and your family are compatible with the dog, and if you’re all ready for a new addition.

Remember that both you and the dog will benefit from the fostering period. You will be able to make a more sound decision by seeing the dog interact with your family and lifestyle, and the dog will benefit by getting time away from the shelter, and beginning its transition to home life. Everyone wins!

Does having a pet fit into your routine?

There are many activities that inundate our weekly schedules: soccer practices, dentist appointments, and overtime at the office. It is important to remember that having a dog means that you are adding a daily duty to your schedule. No matter how tired you are after an eventful day, your dog will always need your attention and energy.

Consider your weekly schedule. Does each member of the family have the time to care for your new furry friend? Calculate the time in a week that you and your family can care for your dog (walking, feeding, and grooming). Making small adjustments to your daily schedule can help make your routine dog friendly. Take an evening walk as a family after dinnertime, or bring your dog along to soccer practice.

Is your neighbourhood dog-friendly?

Having a dog-friendly home is extremely important. But have you taken the time to assess the areas that surround your home? Are there plenty of outdoor spaces where your dog can let loose and socialize with other dogs? Is there an Ottawa pet shop such as Masters n Dogs nearby for your dogs’ treats, accessories, and grooming needs? Making sure that your neighbourhood has all of these amenities is important for both the master and dog to have a smooth transition.

So you’ve decided to do it!

Going into a shelter to adopt a dog can be a RUFF process, as your emotions can get in the way of making the right decision. Make sure that you stay rational and remember what type of dog is right for you and your family. Keep a checklist of characteristics that you need in a dog and bring it with you. Be aware of each of these things during your selection process.

This goes without saying, so we didn’t number it: enjoy the process! Enjoy all of the love and positivity your new dog will bring into your life.

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