Kitten CareKittens need a lot of attention and lots of toys to keep them mentally and physically healthy during their growing stage. Kittens are very curious and will spend a lot of time stalking and pouncing around. Your role as your kittens’ second parent is to help your kitten socialize in order for them to build healthy habits for their adult lives. This includes play time, as well as cuddles and normalizing certain behaviours, such as litter training. Remember that kittens must be treated differently than adult cats, as they are in their developing stages. Here are ten tips for kitten care to keep in mind to make sure that your kitten grows into a healthy adult cat!


1. Kitten Food

A kitten’s younger years are extremely important for their growth and development. Make sure that your kitten is getting all of the essential nutrients to become a strong adult cat. Ensuring that your kitten tries a wide range of foods will help you get a better sense of their tastes, and prevents them from growing up to be a picky eater.

2. Litter Box – Litter

Make sure that the litter is easily accessible for your kitten, and that it is low enough for him to climb into. When your kitten is still learning to use the litter box, try not to clean it each time so that the scent will remind him what the box is for.

3. Toys

Kittens are very playful and love a wide assortment of toys. As much as you wish you could be with your kitten at all times, make sure that your kitten has toys to play with when you’re not around. Visit your local Ottawa pet shop, Masters ‘n Dogs, to find toys that your kitten is bound to enjoy!

4. Cat Tree – Scratch Pad

Cat trees are especially important for kittens as they provide them with an appropriate outlet for all of their normal kitten behaviours. The cat scratch pad will provide your kitten with a suitable place to climb and scratch that won’t leave your furniture damaged.

5. Nail Trimming kit

Kittens may not always enjoy a manicure or pedicure as much as us humans do, but it is an important part of maintaining their health. Introducing your cat to nail clipping when they are a kitten is important to get them used to the procedure.

6. Brush

Your kitten grooms himself all day long, but he also needs a human brush every now and then to tame his fur and remove dirt, and spread natural oils throughout his coat.

7. Kitten Bath Time

Though your kitten is well-equipped to groom himself regularly, if he gets into something dirty, he’ll need some human assistance for a bath. Save yourself the hassle and visit your Ottawa pet shop for grooming.

8. Collars and Tags

All cats should wear collars and tags- especially younger cats and kittens due to their adventurous tendencies. Your cat’s collar and tag is more than just a fashion statement – it’s necessary to keep your cat safe. Come find a collar for your cat at Masters ‘n Dogs! Our Ottawa pet shop offer a wide selection of collars in all sizes, colours, and unique patterns to make your cat the coolest on the block.

9. Kitten Proof Your House

As your kitten is quite exploratory, it’s important to keep hazardous materials (medicine, cleaning products) locked up and completely inaccessible. Your kitten will climb into the oddest places, and it is important that these places do not contain any harmful products. Make sure to tie a knot in any hanging cords to avoid “Tarzan” moments with your cat.

10. Kitten Karrier

Traveling can be intimidating for a kitten. Make the process more comfortable by prepping them with a comfortable kitten carrier with some toys stowed inside. Get your kitten used to the carrier before leaving on your vacation so that the trip is enjoyable for everyone!
With these tips, your kitten will have an easy transition as he grows into an adult cat.

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